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September 25 2018

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To mark our tenth Climate Week NYC this year The Climate Group is proud to announce Climate Week Hub.

2018 is the first year Climate Week NYC has provided an official space to meet, network and drive climate action.

  • Join key US and international leaders to position your company at the forefront of the clean energy transition.
  • Learn from others, collaborate to progress, innovate for impact and celebrate success.
  • Enjoy refreshments throughout the day and relax at a drinks reception at the end of the day.

Be at the place where real action happens during Climate Week NYC 2018.

Taking place on Tuesday, September 25 at the Convene 237 Park Avenue, The Hub will host figures and organizations from the finance, risk, energy, manufacturing, innovation and policy sectors, as well as other organizations helping to take a lead on climate action.

In addition, key investors, major decision makers and cutting-edge NGOs will attend our events featured in The Hub, including initiatives from The Climate Group, as well as events of our partners.




A full day of high level panel discussions, deep dive interactive workshops and thought leadership round tables will be complemented by meeting spaces and other facilities, accessible all day for participants to network and hold small meetings.  The day is planned to close with a networking reception to which all The Hub event attendees will be invited. 


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    8:30 - 10:30AM

    Session A2SOLUTIONS FOR A 100% CLEAN...
    11AM - 1PM

    Session A3Ambition. Pace. Scale.
    2 - 5PM

    Session B1RE100 Members' Forum
    8 - 10:30AM

    12 - 2PM

    11.30AM - 1PM

    9.00 - 10.30AM

    11.30AM – 1.30PM

    2.15 – 4.30PM

    Session A1

    Imagining the smart buildings of tomorrow

    8:30 - 10:30 AM

    Buildings are getting smarter. Technology is helping drive economic and energy productivity.  So how do we smarten up our buildings now and continue to benefit in the future? The Climate Group is convening a special discussion during the Climate Week NYC Hub on September 25th between policy makers, practitioners and companies.

    Join us to hear how setting targets to double energy productivity, install smart lighting systems and develop smart net-zero carbon buildings can lead to huge energy savings, and improved business efficiency. Save the date for a dynamic discussion on how to benefit from being energy smart.

    8:30AM – 08:35AM

    Opening Address

    Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group

    8:35AM – 8:45AM

    Keynote speaker: Richard C Yancey, Executive Director, Building Energy Exchange

    Vision 2030 – What are the latest trends emerging in building efficiency technology and how can Smart Tech enhance energy saving and bring additional benefits?

    8:45AM – 9:20AM

    What is your vision for a Smart building in 2030?

    Four speakers, leaders in their industry, will present their idea of what the Smart Buildings of tomorrow will look like, in a lively and fast moving PetchaKucha style format - 20 slides, 20 seconds on each (6 minutes, 40 seconds each).  

    • Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Public & Government Affairs, Signify
    • Fleming Voetmann, Vice President, Public Affairs, International Copper Association
    • Mirella Vitale, Senior Vice President, Group Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs, ROCKWOOL Group
    • Jason Moore, Investment & Portoflio Management Director, New York Green Bank

    9:20AM – 10:20AM

    Moderated panel discussion:  What is the current landscape for Smart buildings and what pathways do we need to achieve our goals? 

    Moderator: Victoria Burrows, Head of Advancing Net Zero, World Green Building Council  

    • Mark Chambers, Director, NYC Mayor’s Office for Sustainability 
    • Fiona Cousins, Principal at Arup
    • Ibrahim Al Zubi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Majid Al Futtaim
    • Daniella Foster, Senior Director, Global Corporate Responsibility, Hilton Hotels

    10:20AM - 10:30AM

    Summary and closing remarks

    Mike Pierce, The Climate Group

    Session B1

    RE100 Members' Forum: Collaborating for impact

    Open to RE100 members only

    8 - 10:30 AM

    Four years after it was launched, RE100 now gathers more than 130 members totalling 170TWh of electricity demand. RE100 companies are invited to a private RE100 Members Forum at the Climate Week NYC Hub, focusing on accelerating the momentum for corporate renewable energy sourcing and contributing to the future strategy of the campaign.

    The Forum will strengthen the voices of leading corporate consumers of renewable electricity and unlock barriers to rapid progress against 100% targets by identifying priorities for collaborative and coordinated action, expanding peer-to-peer learning and delivering a vital networking opportunity.

    Session D1

    Planetary Health

    9.00 - 10.30AM

    The Climate Group is hosting an exciting discussion and debate on the interconnections between human health and planetary health, held in collaboration with The Rockefeller Foundation Economic Council on Planetary Health and Johnson and Johnson. 

    The health impacts from climate change are well documented. From the increased frequency and severity of heatwaves to the spread of tropical diseases, climate change is expected to place increased stress on human health over the coming decades. On its own, climate change will strain healthcare systems and budgets. However, many experts now see it as just one of a set of interconnected environmental challenges that threaten human health.

    This event will bring together experts in the field of Planetary Health along with healthcare leaders from business and government to discuss and debate the economic and policy solutions that are required to address the health challenges and seize the opportunities presented by tackling climate change.

    9.00AM - 9.30AM

    Amy Davidsen, Executive Director, The Climate Group North America

    Opening remarks & keynote - Paulette Frank, Vice President, Worldwide Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability, Johnson & Johnson 

    Evidence on the economics of planetary health from Oxford University and Colombia University experts
    - Sam Bickersteth, Oxford Martin School
    - Dr Matthew Neidell, Columbia University

    9.30AM - 10.00AM

    Panel Discussion: Opportunities of human health and planetary health connections – responding to the emerging challenges
    - Dr Samuel Myers, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
    - Harold Wimmer, President, American Lung Association
    - Dr Mandeep Dhaliwal, Director, HIV, Health & Development Group, Bureau for Policy & Programme Support, UNDP
    - David Miller, Regional Director for North America and C40 Ambassador for Inclusive Climate Action

    10.00AM - 10.25AM
    Audience Q&A

    10.25AM - 10.30AM
    Closing remarks

    Session A2


    Solutions for a 100% clean energy transition

    11 AM - 1 PM

    Businesses have a key role to play in accelerating the transition to a clean, renewables-based energy system that is compliant with a climate safe world.  They need access to a large amount of reliable and affordable energy – around two thirds of the world’s electricity – and can accelerate renewables deployment through their procurement strategies. Companies will also design the technological innovations and low-carbon business models of tomorrow, which will enable greater and faster uptake of renewables.

    The challenge is big – but the opportunities are even bigger, for both climate and the companies that are ready to embrace them through an active and strategic approach to their energy supply. However, the solutions space can be a confusing one: technologies are constantly evolving and are experiencing staggering costs reductions. Sourcing methods and energy markets are constantly disrupted, included by the increasing digitalization of energy systems. Finally, regulatory environments are hard to navigate - and sometimes nebulous.

    This event will help companies to identify solutions to transition to 100% clean energy in a way that maximizes benefits for businesses and for climate. It will feature solutions developed by corporate buyers or suppliers and explore how companies can set themselves for success by embedding innovation in their sustainability approaches.

    11:00AM – 11:05AM

    Opening Address

    Mike Peirce, Corporate Partnerships Director, The Climate Group

    11:05AM – 11:15AM

    Keynote speech: Forming a vision, delivery a solution

    Bertrand Piccard, Initiator, Chairman and Pilot, Solar Impulse Foundation

    11:15AM – 11:30AM

    Setting the Scene – Energy transition pathways: the US example

    This keynote presentation will help to understand and visualize the status and challenges of the clean energy transition, using the US as an example.

    Roman Kramarchuk, Managing Director, S&P Global Platts
    Bethany Gorham, Senior Product Manager, S&P Global Market Intelligence
    Libby Bernick, Managing Director, Trucost, part of S&P Global

    11:30AM - 12:10PM

    Emerging solutions for corporate renewable energy sourcing

    This facilitated conversation will highlight key innovations and disruptions that provide new solutions for corporate buyers to develop impactful sourcing strategies. Four main areas of solutions will be covered: Storage deployment (and how it can help reaching 100% 24/7), aggregation for scale, blockchain technologies, and energy beyond electricity. Four leading innovators will be participating from both the supply and the demand sides. 

    Facilitator: Alex Perera, Deputy Director for Energy, WRI
    Participants: Steve Shine, Executive Chairman, ANESCO
    Mantas Aleksiejevas, Chief Business Development Officer, WePower

    12:10PM – 12:50PM

    Successful models for impactful solutions

    This facilitated conversation will identify successful approaches and tools to enable your company to embrace new opportunities in the renewable energy sphere. It will look at how to best design a successful renewable energy strategy, scale up impact through collaboration and embed innovation. 

    Facilitator: Samantha Smith, Director, Just Transition Center

    Erin Craig, VP Energy and Climate Practice, 3Degrees
    Chelsea Mozen, Sustainability Lead, Etsy
    Peter Freed, Energy Strategy Manager, Facebook
    Senior VP for Global Public Policy and Government Affairs, Walmart


    Keynote speech: Reflections from a CEO

    Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, Chief Executive Officer, Novo Nordisk


    Closing Comments

    Dyala Jiménez Figueres, Minister for International Trade, Government of Costa Rica

    Session D2

    Building tomorrow’s cities today - Renovation Roadmap for our cities

    11.30AM – 1.30PM 

    An exciting panel discussion and networking event, hosted by ROCKWOOL Group, on constructing fuel-efficient cities that are also resilient to climate change.  Climate change is an imperative issue that needs to be addressed. Cities have the power to change the world and are the most vulnerable to climate change. According to the IEA, in 20 years fossil fuels will still represent up to 60% of the energy generation mix. At the same time, buildings consume over one-third of the energy produced and account for around 30% of CO2 emissions. The highest untapped low-cost energy efficiency potential in mature countries is in the building sector, as per IEA research. 

    This panel discussion will focus on the following themes:

    • Cities role in climate change mitigation and resiliency 
    • The role of energy efficiency and renovation in achieving the Paris climate goals 
    • The necessity of building energy renovation doubling to meet climate change targets
    • The needed collaboration between central government, cities, private corporations, and individuals based on long-term incentives to double building energy renovation

    - Patricia Sapinsley, Managing Director of Cleantech Initiatives, Urban Future Lab/ACRE

    - Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40
    - Jens Birgersson, CEO, ROCKWOOL Group
    - Louis Becker, Partner, Henning Larsen Architects
    - Eliot Whittington, Director, The Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group
    - Mark Chambers, NYC Chief Resilience Office
    - Emma Stewart, Director of the Urban Efficiency and Climate program, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

    Session C2

    Accelerating global climate action post-GCAS

    11:30AM - 1PM

    Hear from leading organizations and campaigns that are taking forward non-party climate action globally, building on the Global Climate Action Summit

    Mission 2020: Andrew Higham, CEO of Mission 2020, as the Chair of the preparatory process for the Global Climate Action Summit, will review progress across the board, and provide an overview of efforts to build upon the Global Climate Action Summit to spur greater ambition by 2020.

    The Under2 Coalition diplomacy initiative: Tim Ash-Vie of The Climate Group will present a new diplomacy team that will amplify the political role of state and regional leaders in achieving climate goals.

    The Alliances for Climate Action: Mariana Panuncio-Feldman of WWF will present these multi-stakeholder coalitions starting in several countries, with support from C40, CDP, CAN, Fundación Avina, We Mean Business, WWF and The Climate Group.

    The “EU We Are All In” Coalition: Eliot Whittington of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the Corporate Leaders Group will describe this new EU initiative launched together with the European Climate Foundation that will build a coalition advancing the view that a long-term vision for a society and economy without emissions by 2050 is beneficial.

    City business partnerships: The We Mean Business coalition will present a new initiative in partnership with C40, CDP and the B-team to promote collaboration between cities and businesses and discuss the potential for this model to accelerate local implementation of climate commitments. 

    The event will be moderated by Jason Anderson of ClimateWorks Foundation, who will also describe the new commitments made by philanthropy at GCAS, and its role in forwarding subnational climate action globally.

    Session B2

    EV100 Leadership Lunch discussion – Challenges and opportunities for corporate EV leadership 

    Open to EV100 members only

    12 - 2 PM

    The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly growing, offering a major opportunity to address both climate change and the growing concerns around air pollution. Increasing numbers of companies are taking the lead in integrating electric vehicles into their operations – transitioning service and delivery fleets to electric solutions for healthier city centres, reducing the cost for fuel, maintenance and repair, and offering EV charging infrastructure to support the forward-thinking choices of their staff and customers. This discussion will look at the business case for corporate EV leadership, the challenges involved and the opportunity to unlock further momentum through collaborative action between companies and other stakeholders.

    Session A3


    Ambition. Pace. Scale.

    2 - 5 PM

    The Climate Group's flagship business event at Climate Week NYC 2018 held in the Hub.

    Leading companies are blazing a trail on climate and energy across their global operations - creating new jobs, driving business model and technology innovations, and lowering their emissions.  From setting earlier targets for switching to 100% renewable to becoming energy smart and transitioning to electric vehicles, the measure of leadership is changing. Increasingly, companies are also channeling clean finance, working to address policy barriers, and engaging their suppliers, staff, and customers. 

    This event will explore different aspects of what exceptional corporate climate leadership looks like today. We will explore the agenda thematically – examining green finance, resilience and how businesses can successfully work with customers to raise the ambition of their climate action as well as using a geographical approach to discover what exceptional corporate climate leadership looks like in Japan, South Africa, Mexico and India. Attendees will leave the event with a better understanding of how they can raise the ambition, scale and pace to show true corporate climate leadership in the years ahead.

    2:00PM – 2:15PM

    Opening Address

    Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group

    2:15PM – 2:25PM

    Keynote – The future of the grid

    Rudolph Wynter, President and COO, Transmission, Generation and Energy Procurement, National Grid US

    While prices of renewables are dropping dramatically around the world and the switch to electrical vehicles is going faster than ever, the grid has to be able to adapt to a new reality with increased but flexible demand. Rudolph Wynter, COO and President in National Grid US will share an insider's view of what needs to happen to reach a world of under 2 degrees, focusing on heat, power generation and transportation and the exceptional corporate climate leadership it will require to achieve. 

    2:25PM – 3:15PM

    Panel – Best practice examples of corporate climate leadership

    Moderator: Andy Wales, Chief Digital Impact & Sustainability Officer, BT

    This panel will explore how companies can show exceptional corporate climate leadership by going beyond individual targets to raise the ambition, pace and scale of their climate action. Best practice examples of working with customers, green finance and resilience will be shared to give the audience some hands-on examples of how they can go further and faster. 

    Panel participants: Pia Heidenmark Cook, CSO, IKEA
    Rudolph Wynter, President and COO- Transmission, Generation and Energy Procurement, National Grid US
    Ezgi Barcenas, Global VP of Sustainability, ABI
    Alexandra Liftman, Global Environmental Executive, Bank of America
    Rasmus Skov, Global Head of Sustainability, Orsted

    3:15PM – 3:25PM

    Keynote - Save Water

    Vance Merolla, Global Director of Sustainability, Colgate Joanne Murphy, Director of Shopper Marketing, Colgate

    Vane and Joanne will describe their Save Water project and how it links to Climate Action.

    3:25PM - 3:45PM


    3:45PM – 4:05PM

    Conversation – Corporate climate leadership from the top

    Moderator: Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group

    CEO and national minister of environment and climate to talk about the role of business in ambitious climate action and the role of government as an enabler of business leadership action. How do you drive ambitious action from the top of the business and how can government action support and incentivise corporate climate action.

    Further participants to be confirmed

    4:05PM – 4:55PM

    Panel discussion – Exceptional corporate climate leadership in different parts of the world Moderator: Helen Mountford, Global Director of Economics at WRI

    In this panel we will investigate what good corporate leadership looks like in key geographies around the world. With different levels of supportive organizational structures and legal frameworks for climate action, exceptional corporate climate leadership will look different in different locations. We will take a deep-dive into what the best businesses can do in Japan, South Africa, Mexico and India and where collaborative action to support exceptional corporate climate leadership is needed. 

    Panel participants: Hideyuki Kanemitsu, VP Responsible Business Unit, Fujitsu
    Shamini Harrington, Principal SHE Policy & Sustainability Advisor, Sasol
    Jorge Zarate, Global VP of Operations, Grupo Bimbo
    Anirban Ghosh, CSO, Mahindra Group

    4:55PM – 5:00PM

    Summary and closing remarks

    Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group

    Session D3

    TERI - Energy Transitions for Climate Resilience

    2:15PM - 4:30PM

    A specially convened Hub Event hosted by the Energy Transitions Commission India and The Energy Resources Institute (TERI) focused on identifying pathways for change in India's energy system to ensure India's inclusive sustainable development, economic growth and appropriate contribution to the global fight against climate change.

    Economic development and energy security remain at the top of most countrie's priorities. Global urban transitions are underway, and countries are gearing up to the energy systems and infrastructure that will be required in the near future to accommodate this shift.  The speed and scale of change are unprecedented, driven by population growth, urbanization and economic development... (continue reading)

    If you are interested in attending this event, please contact


Climate Week NYC

Climate Week NYC 2018 will be a key moment for global climate action, and provide the first opportunity to delve into the ramifications and renewed direction resulting for the Global Climate Action Summit that takes place earlier in the month.

Fall 2018 will be a key moment for global climate action. Business, cities and states are coming together over this period to ‘step-up’ their climate leadership and will be calling on their peers and governments, across the globe, to do the same - to put the world on-track to achieving the Paris Agreement.

Read more on Climate Week NYC website.


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